Best Shoes for Wide Feet: All Styles for Your Everyday Needs

Genetics, you’ve got to love ‘em. They tend to not always work in our favor, which means that some of us are blessed with wide feet, which ultimately makes it just a bit more difficult to find proper fitting shoes. On the other hand, at least as wide-footed folk, we can enjoy from better balance and greater swimming capabilities. But, back to the point of this post, which is shoes. You have wide feet, meaning that finding the perfect pair of comfortable shoes is not easy. To make this process easier for you, below you’ll find a list of the top five best shoes for wide feet. This way, you can walk around in comfort and style.

Nike Womens Zoom Structure 16 Running Shoes

A shoe manufactured by Nike Company, this pair especially appeals to individuals with wide feet due to the boxier shape of the shoes toe area. The boxier shape is what provides users with ample space and comfort when worn. Apart from the wide-foot features, there are a number of qualities to this shoe that make it an very appealing option on this list of the best shoes for wide feet.

These sneakers are excellent for running, as they feature collapsed outsole blades. This provides you with more cushioning to the most sensitive areas of your foot while you run. It also includes dual density in the inside of the shoe which helps to keep your foot in upright position as to avoid injury. Lastly, there are also strategic support overlays which help to lock your foot in place to prevent slippage or blisters. For those looking for a male version, this shoe is also available for men.

Color: purple, blue, green, red, black

Cost: $120.00

Advantages: shoe features, appealing look, great for running

Disadvantages: Cost

Brooks Mens PureDrift

This is another pair of sneakers with a boxed toe for an ample amount of space. Those that wear these shoes will be surprised by the minimalist features, which are difficult to come by for individuals with wide feet. What is fantastic about these shoes, besides being a comfortable solution for wide-footed individuals, is that they are extremely lightweight. Minimalist shoes are designed for individuals that want to their feet to feel as if they are barefoot.

You’ll find that these shoes are equipped with hyper-light pure-drift, which essentially provides you with a seemingly barefoot experience. The upper area of the shoe is very thin and durable, protecting your feet while also maintaining a strong sense of durability. Furthermore, you will be able to change the functionality of your shoe by removing the sock liner and going from a 4mm to a 0 mm drop. Lastly, to produce a high level of flexibility, the shoe has an injected midsole.

Color: Pink, black, blue, green

Cost: $60.00 – $100.00

Advantages: Plenty of room for wide feet, minimalist features, barefoot feeling

Disadvantages: Perhaps not as sturdy as a regular shoe, not everyone enjoys minimalist shoes

Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Bluefish 2-Eye Boat Shoe

Alright, it is time to depart from the sneakers. The best shoes for wide feet are also practical and good looking. As a woman (or man- as you can find this pair for men too), it is important to have a pair of shoes for everyday use. One shoe that is extremely practical, appealing, and wonderfully comfortable for wide-footed individuals is this pair of shoes. The sides of the shoe aren’t constricting, so your foot will fit in smoothly. In addition, this shoe features mesh panels that allow for a high level of breathability. The outsole is made of rubber, which is essential for traction and durability.

To further enhance the quality of this shoe, the leather is made from full grain leather. Full grain leather is known for its durability, high quality, and ability to withstand water, tough weather, and stains. The eyelets of the shoe are rust proof, so you do not need to worry that you aren’t getting your investment’s worth. The midsole is injected with EVA cushion, allowing for an extremely comfortable and soft step.

Colors: light brown, dark brown, beige, blue, purple, cameo

Cost: $43.00 – $89.00

Advantages: Extremely comfortable, quality build and materials, not expensive, leather

Disadvantages: If ordering online, the color may not be true to the picture. Customers have complained about this.

Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Twill Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker

While these may look like your average sneaker, they are shoes that are made for casual outings. What makes these shoes a great for wide feet is the ample space at the front and center of the shoe. Should you purchase these shoes, you will find that the quality is also very high. The sole of the shoe is made of rubber, allowing for a soft step. The upper fabric of the shoe is made of twill, which stretches a bit to enhance foot room. In addition, the insole of the shoe is Purelift, and it can be removed.

Not only are the materials great, but as with all of the items on this list of the best shoes for wide feet, this pair of shoes is also very lightweight. The footwear itself is also flexible, durable, and molds to your foot very well so slipping and blisters do not occur.

Colors: beige, white, grey, red, brown

Cost: $35.00

Advantages: comfortable, appealing look, great for casual occasions, perfect for wide feet

Disadvantages: over-wearing can cause damage to the shoe

Clarks Women’s Grasp Chime Loafer

Proper work shoes are an absolute necessity. Luckily, included on this list of the best shoes for wide feet are a pair of work shoes that are extremely comfortable and high quality. Brought to you by Clarks, these shoes are platform black leather shoes that provide enough space for wide feet, making them especially comfortable. The outer lining of the shoes is also stretchable, which allows for easy wear and removal.

The materials of the shoe are also of high quality. The entire shoe is made of durable sleek leather, while the sole is rubber, allowing for extra traction and comfort. In order to enhance flexibility, the shoe has built-in bendable technology.

Colors: black, brown

Advantages: ideal for work, comfortable, slight heel

Disadvantages: shoe takes time to soften, thick socks do not fit well with these shoes

Final Commentary

Overall, the best shoes for wide feet typically feature a box toe, have a wide enough area for the middle portion of the foot, are supportive, and they prevent unnecessary foot movement that can cause blisters. On this list of the best shoes for wide feet, each of the shoes meets these standards. The selection provided is perfect for men and women who are looking for more than just simple shoes, but shoes with style, comfort, and quality that can be used for everyday needs.