The Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Today’s nurses are a symbol of dedication and diligence. Working in hospitals, private offices, clinics, and even patients’ homes, the scope of their work and compassion knows no bounds. But tending to patients’ needs round the clock is no easy feat. Long hours of administering care can really take its toll on health care providers. The right shoe can make all the difference in your daily performance on the job, keeping you active and comfortable so you can focus on what really matters. Take a peek at the best nursing shoes for women below and start enjoying every step of your day on the job.

 Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

If there’s one thing Dansko knows, it’s comfort! These clogs are built for it and are sure to make a day on your feet feel like a day walking on a cloud. These gems are equipped with superior shock absorption and an anti-fatigue rocker bottom that helps to propel you onward into your next mission with ease. Experts agree that a little heel elevation goes a long way in providing comfort an arch support, surprisingly much more than flat shoes. These tooled clogs boast a .75 inch platform and 2 inch heel which benefits your barking dogs but is right at the cutoff for recommended heel height for jobs that require long periods of standing. A roomy box toe gives your feet some wiggle room and prevents throbbing.

 The beautiful, intricate tooled design available in black or brown adds a dash of style and sophistication to your work attire. Since Dansko cut ties with manufacturing company Sanita back in 2007, some have complained about changes in sizing and quality. Clogs may run large so consider sizing down. Though some felt the shoes were ready to wear right out of the box, others complained they now need some getting used to before putting them to the test during a shift. Like most Dansko products, the price is on the higher end, around $125 a pair though many would contend that they’re well worth it. Despite some changes, women in forums and polls across the board still sing the Dansko’s praises as one of the best nursing shoes for women out there.

Crocs Women’s Mercy Clog

Crocs have taken the public by storm and nurses are no exception. Less clunky than other nursing shoe options, the manmade material also makes these shoes super lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to both odor and microbes. The platform measures .5 inches and the heel about 1 inch to enhances arch support while footbed circulation nubs massage and comfort soles all day long, earning its place as one of the best nursing shoes for women.

 Non-slip soles keep you in motion though experts may argue against the infamous Crocs backstrap and instead suggest laced or Velcro shoes to prevent sliding forward. Unlike Crocs predecessors, these shoes are without holes to ensure safety in an often hazardous workplace and are comfier than ever. Unlike other Crocs styles, colors are more subtle and available in black or white, a feature some applaud as professional while others feel limited in their color choices. The Mercy Clog does not come in half sizes and some agree that going a size down maybe your best bet especially if you usually wear a half size. A lower price tag makes these shoes all the more appealing, ranging from $30 to $50.

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip-On

As a nurse, you can never be too safe at work and the best nursing shoes for women should reflect that. Timberland to the rescue! These slip-ons allow you to keep up the pace with confidence no matter your surroundings with the help of a SafeGrip slip-resistant outsole that grips and steadies on wet and dry surfaces alike. The rocker sole reduces pressure while Timberland’s very own Pro-Exclusive Anti-Fatigue technology guarantees shock absorption and all day support for you feet, legs, and back. Platforms measure .75 inches and heels 1.75, well within the healthy range to keep arches happy.

 Premium full-grain leathers and microsuede upper linings make for a sleek appearance though the overall shape and silhouette is less feminine than other footwear options. Though the slip on style with a full back relieves any worry about tripping over laces however, laces or Velcro would help to keep feet locked in position. Customers rave about quality, comfort, and easy cleaning. Half sizes are available and shoes should run true to size. Prices range from about $85 to $160.

Alegria Women’s debra Slip-On

A shoe fit for the funkiest of fashionistas, the Alegria Debra Slip-On comes in a wide range of colors and patterns to add a little sparkle to your day. In addition to expressing your inner creativity, customers claim these shoes keep them feeling energized for hours. Thick, rocker soles are extremely shock absorbent to protect feet, legs, hips, and back during movement and long periods of standing.

 The removable footbed is made of supportive cork and latex while the ample box toe wards off pain from swelling. Some customers rave that their pair of Alegrias even erased existing, persistent foot pain. The shoe proves to make the grade as one of the best nursing shoes for women but also can seamlessly transition into after-work ensembles. Fashion and function come at a price as this slip-on can set you back up to $130.

Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride-Softie Lace-Up

In addition to safety and comfort, the best nursing shoes for women must be lightweight. This mid-range sneaker has a lightweight midsole and slip free soles that let you fly across the linoleum from patient to patient. This sneaker is super flexible and features breathable lining and perforated accents along the side to prevent sweating and discomfort throughout your busy day.

Customers find this shoe to be especially durable despite the mileage while a high abrasion rubber outsole can stand up to all and any weather conditions. Still, the Stride-Softie Lace-Up remains chic, stylish, even compliment worthy. Though the footbed is cushioned, many customers felt the need to add gel inserts or orthotics to prevent aches and pains. This shoe lacks some of the pro comfort features of other shoes and may not endure an entire 12 hour shift. However, in appearance and function a simple running shoe is still a worthy competitor.

 With this list of the best nursing shoes for women in mind, every nurse can be at her best and enjoy a little more comfort while bringing comfort to others.