What Are The Best Shoes For Arch Support?

The Best Shoes for Arch Support

If your foot has high arches, you probably know how important it is to have proper arch support. Walking around in shoes or slippers that do not have this feature can cause muscle strain, imbalance, and can also lead to overall foot pain. For this reason, it is necessary to choose your shoes wisely. Because you deserve to be able to walk, run, or even relax comfortably in a pair of shoes that suits your needs, below you will find a helpful list of the best shoes for arch support. Apart from taking into account arc support, these shoes are also assessed for comfort, durability, quality, and any special features.

Walking Cradles Women’s Cowgirl Ankle Boot,Brown Matte Croc,8 W US

Based on customer reviews and the shoes own description, not only these shoes, but the entire brand itself has shoes that have excellent foot support mechanisms. This particular shoe is made from 100% leather and a manmade sole . These two qualities are what make these shoes extremely durable and quality shoes. The leather protects against abrasion while the manmade sole allows for better comfort and a tailored to fit shoe. The arch support mechanism is not only apparent through the manmade sole, but also through the shaft measurement, which is 8 inches from the arch. Lastly, the leather covered insole provides resilient dual-cushioning in every step.

Colors: Light brown, dark brown, black

Cost: $78.00 – $216 (depending where you buy)

Advantages: Special tailored arch support, 100% leather, extremely comfortable, dual cushioning insole

Disadvantages: Not the best choice for those with thick ankles

Saucony Women’s Guide 6 Running Shoe

Every woman (and man – these shoes are also available in men’s styles) requires a strong, durable, and comfortable running shoe. This specific model also provides you with the arch support that your foot needs, which is even more essential when running. The arch support is provided through the ComfortLite Sockliner that cradles the heel and supports the arch. The arch support also has the added benefit of reducing peak pressure in the forefoot. These shoes are entirely man-made and have a rubber sole for added traction.

Other features of this shoe include ProGlide cushioning that provides a smooth and natural slide and EVA dual density midsole for lightweight support and rebound. There is also an added built in feature of SRC padding that absorbs shock and reduces torque. Overall, the features of this shoe allow you to have a smooth, comfortable, and foot supporting run. Through these features you can have the ultimate comfort while also reducing the chance of foot pain and injury. This shoe truly is one of the best shoes for arch support for women who love to run.

Colors: white, blue, black, grey, pink

Cost: $99.00-$110.00

Advantages: Stellar support, cushioning, pro-glide, less shock

Disadvantages: require a break-in period

Bloch Women’s Boost Mesh Sneaker Dance Sneaker

If you are a women that loves ZUMBA and are looking for the best shoes for arch support, then these shoes are the ideal option. The entire shoe is made of mesh and suede, which allows for excellent breathability, which Is especially necessary in a high intensity sports shoe. The sole itself is manmade, allowing for a more specific build that is tailed for feet with a high arch. The arch support mechanism of this shoe is apparent through the built-in arch support and elevation that leads to maximum comfort. Therefore, you do not need to worry about painful consequences while dancing. With these shoes, you can truly enjoy your workout.

In addition to arch support, these shoes are also extremely lightweight and flexible. The lightweight mesh is what truly allows you to benefit from an intense workout without negative repercussions.

Color: black and pink

Cost: $49.00 – $69.00

Advantages: ZUMBA specific, great arch support, breathability

Disadvantages: Difficult to find the ideal size

Dansko Women’s Becky Pump

For women that are looking for the best shoes for arch support that can be worn to work, these shoes are an excellent option. Manufactured by Dansko Company, they are especially made with orthopedic intentions in mind. The entire shoe is made from leather and features an accented health that makes for a stylish shoe. The footbed of the shoe includes arch support and a high level of comfort. The arch support of these shoes will reduce any foot pain that you may have and even lead to better back posture, thus reducing the chance of back pain and injury. Users have also commented that these shoes are wearable throughout the day.

Cost: $139.00 – $169.00

Advantages: Comfortable, high arch support, stylish

Disadvantages: costly, not for wide feet


Finding the best shoes for arch support can be a difficult process, but the options on this list truly make your selection process much easier. These shoes are each manufactured to provide you with the all-day support that you need in order to reduce foot pain and back pain. Furthermore, the best shoes for arch support that make up this list are also quite varied, so you can find exactly what you need for every occasion.